Green Gradient Alligator Vertebrae Bite Earring

$7,620.00 USD

The Green Gradient Alligator Vertebrae Bite Earring is an enchanting fusion of luxury and natural inspiration. Forged in radiant 18K yellow gold, this earring showcases a cascade of green gemstones, transitioning from the clarity of white quartz to the depth of green amethyst, culminating in the rich, earthy tones of green agate. At the heart, tsavorite eyes glisten, a final touch that brings the alligator motif to life. Engineered with a bite clasp that echoes the alligator’s prowess, this earring is a symphony of movement and color, perfect for the discerning collector seeking a blend of whimsy and sophistication.

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18K Yellow Gold, White Quartz, Green Amethyst, Green Agate, Tsavorite

Minimum 1 mm, maximum 10 mm wide, maximum 12 mm high and 72 mm long

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