a guide to ear stacking

How To Style an Ear Party

Seeking out an unapologetically individual and maximalist jewellery look? Start with popping on the ear adornments in an ear stack, to create an extraordinary ear party. Whether you’ve got multiple piercings or want to create the look via some ingenious ear cuffs, stacking earrings on the lobe or along the edge of the ear is the instant route to creating unique, eye-catching elegance.

Bibi van der Velden is renowned for jewellery pieces that are wearable works of art, and our ear embellishments are no exception. Discover how to combine our pieces to create a look that’s distinctly you. From 18k gold alligators to diamond-encrusted monkeys and intricately crafted seashells, our inimitable earring designs will elevate your ear party with our VIP pieces.

So what exactly is an ear party? It’s when you combine contrasting and unexpected earrings on one ear, to create looks that can span from effortlessly haute bohemian to the unabashedly opulent.

Choose Your Look

What mood would you like your earrings to convey? Does your aesthetic have a theme, or are you a mix of different styles? Bibi van der Velden’s richly detailed designs offer a way to express your unique character. Our collections span the evocative Sea Creatures, inspired by the fantastical paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, to the Alligator collection, with fiercely beautiful reptiles. The Memento Mori collection’s Ant and Worm studs draw on the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age and fuse nature’s fascination of beauty to decay, while the Monkey collection celebrates the playful characteristics of these cheeky creatures. 

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Play with Proportions

Whichever styles you choose, the key is to balance the look of the lobe. Statement, drop earrings look best on the first main ear piercing on the lobe, with more petite studs and designs graduating above them. For this ear party, we’ve chosen the Poseidon’s Getaway Earrings in 18k rose gold and sterling silver as the focal point of the look, while the Lazy Lion Ear Hugger, in 18k yellow gold and embellished with white diamonds, climbs up the edge of the ear. The Mini Mermaid Tail Stud in 18k rose gold is worn in the helix piercing, so the tail appears to emerge from inside the lobe.

Pierced or Cuffs?

No matter whether you’ve opted for multiple piercings or wear a single stud, you can still embrace the ear party trend. While a series of piercings undoubtedly create a multitude of options, ear cuffs and ear huggers can achieve the same effect by ‘grasping’ onto the ear’s edge. One choice  is our Meticulous Monkey Ear Hugger, in 18k rose gold and sterling silver and embellished with brown diamonds, which here the piece mimics a baby monkey’s embrace. Our Spark Ear Hugger, meanwhile, from the Smoke Collection, weaves itself around the ear’s edge, creating a sculptural shape that’s fluid, and sensual as it evokes tendrils of smoke.

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Have Fun with Your Look

The essence of an ear party? Don’t take it too seriously! This is a look that wants you to express your personality. Bibi van der Velden’s creations are for those who choose fine jewellery as an extension of their artistic aesthetic. Why not be inspired by Bibi herself, who loves to amp up the embellishment in her own inimitable way. Whether it’s an ear party, ring stack, or many layered necklaces, Bibi advises you to “mix pieces as you would friends at a dinner party.” 

Want to delve further into our collections and Bibi’s World? Discover Bibi van der Velden earrings here. Or if you’d like to explore pieces curated especially for you, make an appointment with our studio, either virtually or in person, to experience the designs.

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