Bibi Van der Velden’s New Tableware Collection

In the realm of fine dining and elegant gatherings, the choice of tableware is about making a statement, turning meals into memorable experiences.

We're excited to introduce the Bibi Van der Velden Tableware Collection, a fusion of unparalleled artistry, nature, and functionality.

This limited edition collection, handcrafted in Holland, promises to transform your dining into a canvas of botanical wonder and sculptural beauty.

Rooted in a profound appreciation for nature, Bibi Van der Velden, with her rich background in sculpture and alongside the talented Anouk Kramer, ventures into tableware.

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Beginning with tea mugs—the inception of our collaboration—this collection embodies the belief that beauty and artistry should enrich even the most mundane moments.

Every piece in this collection stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the unique vision shared by Bibi and Anouk. From the very first tea mugs to the expansive range of dinner plates and vases, each item is a unique narrative of the natural world, rendered in hand-painted details and three-dimensional forms.

This attention to detail ensures no two pieces are alike, offering a unique touch to your table. The dedication to sustainability and ethical production practices mirrors our commitment to quality and the environment, ensuring these pieces are not only beautiful but also ethically crafted and durable.

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This blend of practicality and exquisite design makes the collection suited for both everyday moments and special occasions, inviting art into the rhythm of daily life.

The Eating from Art Tableware Collection is more than just tableware; it's a celebration of life's gatherings. Whether for a formal dinner or a casual morning coffee, these pieces elevate every occasion. Their versatility underscores the collection's charm, serving as a bridge between functional dining and the allure of fine art.

The unveiling of the Eating from Art Tableware Collection opens a new chapter in luxury home goods. With each piece handcrafted to perfection, this collection not only promises quality and exclusivity but also brings the beauty of the natural world right to your table. We invite you to explore the collection and discover how it can add a layer of elegance and narrative to your dining experiences.

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