eating from art

the new tableware collection

Dive into a world where art meets function and elevates the everyday, revealing enchanting tableware designs. "Eating from Art," a limited edition tableware collection by Bibi Van der Velden in collaboration with Anouk Kramer, invites you to celebrate not just meals, but the very act of coming together, gathering around the table to share stories and eat from art.

the collaboration of

Bibi x Anouk

Since the inception of their collaboration, these two Dutch artists have united their creative energies, sculpting a collection inspired by insects, corals, ants, 3D animals, and tulips. Their partnership flourishes on an intuitive connection, requiring few words—a fusion of Bibi's sculptural finesse with Anouk's expertise in technical production and creative flair.

eating from art

Whether you're setting the table for a family lunch or preparing for a dinner with friends, this exclusive tableware collection will redefine your dining experience. Each meticulously crafted piece, from tea mugs to cake stands, breakfast plates and more, is an invitation to linger at the table and to relish the beauty of the moment.

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Bibi van der Velden, a Dutch designer of international renown, infuses her fine jewellery with a harmonious blend of sophistication and nature-inspired charm. Utilising haute materials such as 18k recycled gold and diamonds, her creations possess a luxurious allure. However, it is her distinct artistic vision that sets her pieces apart.