a guide to ring stacking

How to Create the Perfect Ring Stack

What’s better than a statement ring? How about lots of rings stacked vertically on the finger or across the hand for a bold, ‘more is more’ effect? Bibi van der Velden has made this look her own with a penchant for stacking myriad rings on the hand, to create an appealing and intriguing mix of precious metals, stones, colours, and moods.

Want to learn how to create your own ring stack? Our wearable works of art are the perfect place to start. No matter how different each one appears, there are unmistakable sculptural signatures, captivating colours, and Bibi’s skill at adding a sense of character that is evident in each of her designs. The Bibi van der Velden collections are made for mixing and matching, to create an opulent, original and creative aesthetic that’s uniquely you.

Choose Your Scale

Beautifully bold or daring yet delicate? You create ring stacks that make a jewellery statement to suit your style. Your rings are the volume control to your personality. For those determined to stand out, choose the Scarab Stackable Rings, crafted in 18k yellow gold, set with scarab beetle motifs, some embellished with real scarab wings, and others with colourful stones, spanning malachite to pavé amethysts. Or for a look that whispers its appeal, explore the Smoke Collection’s stackable rings with fluid forms that evoke smoke’s ever-changing shapes. From the finely crafted Wisp Violet Stackable Ring, in 18k rose gold with grey diamonds and spinels, to the intertwining elegance of the Exhale Stackable Ring, combine these rings for an ethereal, organic look that captures smoke’s seemingly uncapturable shapes.

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Start a Conversation

We believe jewellery should connect and spark a conversation with others. Why did you choose this piece, and why did it choose you? When composing your ring stack, Bibi van der Velden’s creative characters are sure to pique curiosity. The Lion Stackable Rings are crafted in 18k yellow and rose gold and sterling silver, and depict a regal lion sitting atop a branch, to signify protection. Pair them with a noble predator, the Panther Stackable Ring Diamond, that captures the animal’s innate grace. To amplify fierce glamour, why not add the Alligator Twist Ring, in solid 18k yellow gold, for maximum impact.

Embrace Your Creative Side

A ring stack is a stage where you can get creative and have fun with your look. Express yourself – show another side - case in point: The Banana Stackable Rings. Line up rings from the Monkey Collection, the sleek Banana Ring Gold, a trinity of rings that appear in 18k yellow, rose, and white gold, then add the Banana Disco Ring, in 18k rose and yellow gold ring whose fruit is embellished with multi-coloured gemstones. To play with the theme, why not add the Monkey Stackable Ring? It depicts a monkey in 18k rose gold and sterling silver, embellished with brown diamonds, holding a miniature banana of its own. Perfectly playful.

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Make it Meaningful

A ring stack might start with an engagement and wedding ring but there are many more events and occasions to mark. Taking inspiration from these timeless love tokens, add rings to represent births, children, friendships and significant others as well as momentous moments and major milestones. Our Monkey Family Ring is inspired by the unique bond between parents and children, crafted with two monkey parents and three babies. Or choose rings designed with motifs that depict diminutive creatures, such as the Diamond Ant Stackable Ring or the Caterpillar Ring, to create a ring stack that symbolises meaning for you. 

A ring stack offers the perfect opportunity to play with your look, reveal clues to who you are without revealing too much... Discover the unique stackable rings within Bibi van der Velden’s collections and prepare to be enchanted. Or if you’d prefer some direction when choosing your designs, make an appointment with our studio, either virtually or in person, to discover the Bibi van der Velden rings that speak to you.

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