Alligator collection

"In life, Alligators are emblematic of strong personalities who defy conventions, swimming against the tide as they navigate their path. My alligators symbolize individuality, protection, and strength." - Bibi van der Velden

Each intricately carved and hand-crafted piece in this collection replicates the body of an alligator in miniature form. Originally fashioned from gold, mammoth, or malachite, Bibi van der Velden has expanded the range to include carved gemstones such as pink opal and lapis, as well as pieces embellished with diamonds. 

Ebony Wood Large Alligator Twist BangleEbony Wood Large Alligator Twist Bangle

Ebony Wood Large Alligator Twist Bangle

Price Available on Request
$42,000.00 USD
Alligator Wrap NecklaceAlligator Wrap Necklace

Alligator Wrap Necklace

Price Available on Request
$75,600.00 USD
Alligator Twist RingAlligator Twist Ring

Alligator Twist Ring

$12,030.00 USD
Alligator Wrap BraceletAlligator Wrap Bracelet

Alligator Wrap Bracelet

Price Available on Request
From $44,100.00 USD
Alligator Pinky RingAlligator Pinky Ring

Alligator Pinky Ring

From $5,000.00 USD


The Alligator family continues to grow in personality and pieces. Transformative pieces  combine a sense of fun with skilfully crafted jaws that ‘snap’ shut  and bodies ‘twist’ into a wrap ring or bracelet. Featuring carved  gemstones, including amethyst, citrine, opal, lapis, sapphires and  diamonds, beware of eyes that catch the light and flash in tsavorite.  

Alligator Wrap Necklace

“Alligators are strong personalities who can swim against the  tide. My alligators symbolise individuality, protection, and  strength. Each piece is intricately carved to replicate these  reptiles in miniature.”  - Bibi van der Velden

Alligator Twist Ring with Malachite