Within this exclusive limited edition collection, the serving bowls and plates stand out as true masterpieces of tableware. Each item narrates its own unique tale; for instance, the fruit stand features a captivating 3D snake winding around its stem, while hand-painted ants traverse its surface. Explore how these pieces can transform your table into a canvas of artistic exploration and discovery.


The art of serving

Hand-painted details and sculptural elements invite a closer look, turning the act of serving into a moment of artistic appreciation. This collection is not just about presenting food; it's about creating an atmosphere, a dialogue between art and utility, where each item serves as a focal point that enhances the experience of dining together.


the art of tea

The apple-shaped teapot, adorned with branches forming the handle and spout, is adorned with intricate details of crawling ants and spiders. Complete the ensemble with matching tea mugs and spoons for a truly enchanting tea experience.

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Bibi van der Velden, a Dutch designer of international renown, infuses her fine jewellery with a harmonious blend of sophistication and nature-inspired charm. Utilising haute materials such as 18k recycled gold and diamonds, her creations possess a luxurious allure. However, it is her distinct artistic vision that sets her pieces apart.