Discover our stunning collection of vases, inspired by Bibi's vision of crafting pieces that command attention even without blooms. Each vase in this collection is meticulously designed to be more than just a vessel for flowers; they are statement pieces in their own right.


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This unique bucket vase combines a 3D coral handle with hand-painted whales gracefully swimming around its surface. Whether filled with vibrant blooms or displayed on its own, it adds a touch of coastal charm and whimsy to any space.


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A standout piece in the limited edition collection, this vase is shaped like a tulip in the midst of blooming. Adorned with a 3D slug gracefully sliding down its leaves and hand-painted ants marching around, it's a true work of art. With its generous opening, this vase effortlessly accommodates large bouquets.

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Bibi van der Velden, a Dutch designer of international renown, infuses her fine jewellery with a harmonious blend of sophistication and nature-inspired charm. Utilising haute materials such as 18k recycled gold and diamonds, her creations possess a luxurious allure. However, it is her distinct artistic vision that sets her pieces apart.