Alligator Vertebrae Bracelet

€14.500,00 EUR

The Alligator Vertebrae Bracelet marries the timeless elegance of 18K gold with the primal essence of the alligator, a creature of ancient strength and nobility. This piece captures the articulation of the alligator's spine, with each segment meticulously crafted to allow for a fluid, lifelike movement on the wrist. The bracelet closes with a clasp as clever as it is intuitive—the alligator's jaws gently securing the tail, a seamless and secure fastening that completes the circle of design and function. With tsavorite eyes that gleam with an inner fire, this bracelet is not just an accessory, but a wearable work of art.

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18K Yellow Gold and Tsavorite

10 mm wide

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Bibi Van der Velden, a sculptor at heart, weaves her creativity into every facet of her work, from the fluid forms of her sculptures to the intricate designs of her jewellery, and now, into the elegant realm of tableware.

Her passion for bringing imagination to life is evident in each piece she creates, marrying sculpting with fine jewellery wearable works of art and the daily ritual of dining.

Bibi’s collections are more than mere objects; they are a journey into a world where art intersects with the beauty of the everyday.

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