The summer escape

1st - 10th July 2022, 10am – 6pm Daily.

By appointment only.

Join us for the ultimate high luxury experience in our Amsterdam Studio.

Enjoy champagne, canapes and catch up with friends as we take you on our Jewelled Alligator Tour!

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Private appointments for solo slots or book in with a group of friends.

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Come and discover the Creative Fine Jewellery by internationally renowned artist Bibi van der Velden - the Dutch creative soul and strength of the brand. Bibi van der Velden has a unique eye for detail exploring nature, creativity and sustainability in her visionary Wearable Works of Art. 


Collection's name

Amsterdam Studio

This July our beautiful, light-filled headquarters in the centre of Amsterdam will be transformed for our VIP Summer Escape. We would like to invite you to come and discover Bibi’s Wetland Wonderland, the Alligator Collection, exclusive Auverture treasures and enjoy trying on our wonderful wearable miniature sculptures.


Meet your Collection Connoisseurs

Preview the newest Bibi van der Velden pieces, peak behind the scenes of our Alligator inspiration, and discover our creative process. Find new pieces to build your collection. Try on and Wear your Wish-list for the camera. Explore the website and book in complimentary piercing ( 7 - 8th July only) when you purchase new Bibi studs. We can't wait to inspire you!

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