inspired by nature

Explore Bibi van der Velden's Creative Fine Jewellery collections, inspired by nature and consciously crafted from unexpected materials.

scarab collection

Real scarab beetle wings that shimmer and catch the light are the focal point of the elegantly intriguing Scarab Collection, as Bibi van der Velden reimagines these insects as beautiful adornments. The wings are carefully sourced from beetles in Thailand, a country where the insects are considered a culinary delicacy. Always seeking to work with sustainable materials Bibi uses these discarded wings and transforms them into regal pieces of jewellery.  

Mini Scarab Fly Wings Stud Earrings Bibi van der Velden

Mini Scarab Fly Wings Stud

€1.350,00 EUR

Alligator Collection

“In life, Alligators are strong personalities who can swim against the tide, and often do so. My alligators symbolize individuality, protection, and strength. Intricately carved and hand-crafted to replicate an alligator's body in miniature.” - Bibi van der Velden

Tsavorite Alligator Bite Earring

monkey collection

Bibi's Monkey Collection captures the sleek movement and form of these endlessly fascinating animals. The collection, crafted in 18k rose gold, sterling silver, brown and white diamonds, depicts sweet monkeys in a jungle setting, amidst lemon quartz bananas and lush, green tsavorite-embellished palm leaves.

Monkey on Banana Necklace Necklaces Bibi van der Velden

Monkey On Banana Necklace

€6.770,00 EUR

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