A sculptor at heart, Bibi translates dream-like visions through her favourite medium, stone.


Inspired by the smoke that swirls and lingers after you light a stick of incense or blow out a candle; a momentary, visual art experience. Contemplating how to capture a moment in time, Bibi studied these shapes, ever-changing, quickly dissolving. Observing the lines, simple to complex, weaving in and out of each other. Sometimes cloudy and full, billowing, taking up space before seamlessly disappearing into nothing. A fleeting dance, always different, always mesmerizing. 

Intrigued, Bibi, a sculptor at heart, set out to translate these dream-like visions through her favourite medium, stone. How could something so solid, evoke such transparency, movement and energy? The complexity of this challenge combined with hours of studying and sketching to capture the elusiveness of smoke itself, exhilarated her and inspired our new collection Smoke.