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diamond alligator wrap ring

The best selling wrap ring reimagined with rows of twinkling diamonds adorning its body.


The Alligator Wrap Ring exemplifies the transformational aspect of Bibi’s jewellery. Crafted in 18k recycled yellow gold, the ring’s intricate mechanism took months to develop. The piece is fashioned as an entirely-articulated alligator, whose body wraps around the wearer’s finger. Its jaws move too, snapping to secure the ring shut, with a catch seamlessly set into the creature’s head to click the jaws open and closed. Chiming with Bibi’s signature attention to detail, the alligator’s tail moves from side to side, while its tiny legs move, too. Its eyes, meanwhile, nod to an alligator’s mercurial nature, and flash with green tsavorites.


how to wear

This highly detailed design is articulated, so that its body wraps around the finger. In a playful touch, the alligator’s jaws snap shut to close the ring, while the design opens at the click of a catch inset into the creature’s head. Each part of the alligator moves, from its tail that swishes side to side, to its delicate legs.

This versatile design can also be worn as a pendant, with the alligator extended and a chain threaded through its mouth. When not being worn, display this striking piece with its body lying flat, as an elegant art object.

Diamond Alligator Wrap Ring Rings Bibi van der Velden | Fine Jewellery

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