Nature's Jewels


Always mindful to work with sustainable materials, real scarab wings are carefully sourced from Thailand, before these preserved wings are transformed into regal pieces of jewellery to adorn rings, bracelets, studs, and our scarab necklace. Prized as an auspicious symbol of good fortune since Ancient Egypt, Bibi finds beauty in nature and transformes the sacred scarab wing into showstopping creative fine jewellery.

“I am always inspired by nature, its ever-changing, unexpected beauty. When designing I find the scarab beetle as precious as a gemstone and even more intriguing. Life and jewellery should be technicolour, just like the many moods and colours of sacred scarab wings.” - Bibi van der Velden 

Mini Scarab Studs

The Scarab Collection by BIBI VAN DER VELDEN is a colourful re-invention of this insect’s protective, talismanic qualities.

Gold Scarab Pop Art Ring