The human touch of true, traditional craftsmanship.

The process of making Bibi’s jewellery follows age-old, hand-worked techniques, with a meticulous attention to detail. The process begins with Bibi's finely-drawn sketch designs that are works of art in themselves. She then crafts the first models of her pieces in wax. From this, a mould is created to cast the designs’ forms in 18k recycled gold or sterling silver.   
While Bibi designs and hand-finishes her creations in her Amsterdam studio, she often works with artisans dotted across the globe to create specific elements of her designs. They might be key craftsmen whose expertise is carving mammoth tusk, or miners in the Australian outback who source and cut the most spectacular boulder opals, each of which is entirely unique.
A key part of what defines every Bibi Van Der Velden design and peice is their human touch. 
Bibi is continually inspired by nature, and seeks to protect it for future generations. She works in recycled gold, and prioritises using sustainable rubies and emeralds from Gemfields, whose focus is on the responsible sourcing of stones. 
Sustainability informs every aspect of Bibi’s designs, both in terms of how their creation affects the environment, and the wellbeing of the people involved in sourcing the precious materials and crafting the jewellery. 

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