Wedding Issue

vogue netherlands

May 2022

The Diamond Haze Earrings and the Diamond Smoke Fume Choker from my Smoke Collection were featured in the  Vogue Netherlands Wedding Issue. 

The earrings are composed of multiple moving parts connected by tiny hinges, the pieces are designed to resemble the fluidity of smoke haze. Crafted from 18k pure white gold, embellished with grey spinels, white sapphires and white and grey diamonds. 

The choker elegantly encircles the neck, fashioned with organic twists and turns that capture smoke’s fluidity. Its creation stems from my explorations of smoke’s shapes in sculpture, here translated into jewellery in a form that fuses a striking silhouette with a lightness of hand. The necklace is designed in 18k pure white gold and is laced with grey-toned stones, composed of white and grey diamonds, white sapphires, and grey spinels, to capture the movement of a plume of smoke

Thank you to the Vogue team for this feature. 

Diamond Haze Earring Earrings Bibi van der Velden

Diamond Haze Earring (pair)

€39.900,00 EUR

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