Jellyfish Fireball

$19,500.00 USD


“Jellyfish and opalised wood both have evolved over millions of years under the sun’s golden light. These fireball pearls symbolize wisdom and longevity, a good reminder that great things take time.”

The cool of the sea meets warm, fiery colours in these captivating earrings. Designed in 18k rose gold, these drop earrings are set with two fireball pearls - named for the pearls’ fireball-like, organic shape - onto which the jellyfish’s 18k rose gold tentacles grip. Bibi further heightens the pearls’ uniqueness by embellishing the stones with gypsy set white diamonds. Along the earrings’ drop are opalized wood stones and watermelon tourmalines, with an 18k rose gold star, studded with diamonds, at the earrings’ posts.


Delivery: Limited Edition One of One

18K Rose Gold, White Diamond, White Quartz, Pearl, Tourmaline

Width: 2cm, Height: 7 cm

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