Midas Touch Earrings

$16,200.00 USD


"My deep affection for both my fearless alligators and the art of sculpting mammoth ivory lies in their shared significance in Earth's history. Meticulously crafting with mammoth ivory reveals that the devil is in the details, showcasing a profound commitment to sustainable materials—a harmonious connection between the past and present, where each intricate carving breathes life into a timeless tale."

Hand-carved mammoth alligator heads, their jaws dipped in 18K yellow gold, evoke the legendary 'Midas touch,' bestowing opulence upon these prehistoric marvels. With captivating tsavorite cabochon eyes, these unique earrings infuse every gaze with timeless allure. Below, a lustrous baroque South Sea cream pearl, encrusted with gypsy-set tsavorites, embodies the harmonious union of earth and sea. These exceptional earrings epitomize the fusion of art, nature, and luxury, exclusively crafted for those who cherish the extraordinary.

Delivery: Limited Edition One of One

18K Yellow Gold, Mammoth Tusk, Baroque South Sea Pearls, Tsavorites

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