Inspired by the smoke that swirls and lingers after you light a stick of incense or blow out a candle, a momentary, visual art experience. The collection is an interpretation of the beauty of a single line of smoke. The simplicity and complexity. Awakening your 4th-dimensional awareness.

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Contemplating how to capture a moment in time, Bibi studied these shapes, ever-changing, quickly dissolving. Observing the lines, simple to complex weaving in and out of eachother. Sometimes cloudy and full, billowing, taking up space before seamlessly disappearing into nothing. A fleeting dance, always different, always mesmerising. Intrigued, Bibi, a sculptor at heart, set out to translate these dream-like visions through her favourite medium, stone. How could something so solid evoke movement and energy? The challenge excited her and inspired our new collection Smoke.


/ɪnˈfɪnɪti/ noun the state or quality of being infinite.

Inspired by the movement of smoke, no end or beginning. Through the hypnotizing swirls, appear 2 iridescent opals. A ring that is distinctive from all angles. A real conversation starter.

infinity ring
Smoke Medium Ring Earrings Bibi van der Velden

Infinity Smoke Ring

$25,690.00 USD

With its figurative twists and turns, the Infinity Smoke Ring has a mesmerising appeal. Fashioned in 18k white gold, its intricate form evokes a sumptuous tangle of smoke. The ring is set with white and grey diamonds in graduated cuts and ombre tones, with iridescent opals set within its folds too, that glint and shift their colours as they catch the light. A captivating piece, which reveals a different aspect of its beauty each time it's worn.


/ɪksˈheɪl,ɛksˈheɪl/ verb breathe out.

Reminiscent of smoke rings, lingering around your fingers. Weaving in and out. Floating above your hand. The intricate stone setting captures the light.

Worn together, mix your
colours, spread them across your fingers and thumb.



/fjuːm/ noun an amount of gas or vapour that is dangerous to inhale.

The simplicity of the shape of a line of smoke without stones has an ultra modern feel. The diamond version elevates, accentuates and frames your face. Dazzling with its ombre tones, a darker side of smoke, curious, mysterious.

Diamond Smoke Fume Choker Necklaces Bibi van der Velden

Diamond Smoke Fume Choker

$31,140.00 USD
The Diamond Fume Choker elegantly encircles the neck, fashioned with organic twists and turns that capture smoke's fluidity. Its creation stems from Bibi's explorations of smoke's shapes in sculpture, here translated into jewellery in a form that fuses a striking silhouette with a lightness of hand. The necklace is designed in 18K pure white gold and is laced with grey-toned stones, composed of white and grey diamonds, white sapphires, and grey spinels, to capture the movement of a plume of smoke.


/ˈveɪpə/ a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid.

Invisible closure makes it an easy wear everyday piece. Classic and refined, whispering smoke. Sleek on your wrist. The diamond version is a beautiful eye capturing piece for your wrist with moody tones of smoke.

Diamond Vapour Bangle

Diamond Vapour Bangle

$16,870.00 USD

The Diamond Vapour Bangle, fashioned in 18K white gold, is a graceful piece that recreates the look of intertwining swirls of smoke. As if a sinuous wisp of smoke had wrapped itself around the wrist, the bangle's finely sculpted form twists and turns. This elegant bangle is set with grey diamonds and spinels, whose ombré tones evoke the graduated, brooding colours of a plume of smoke.


/ ˈsməʊldə / verb to burn slowly with smoke but no flame.

Exquisitely crafted. Opulent earrings reminiscent of the fragility of smoke, wavey rings that start strong and fade to ripples of gold. The mechanism gives the illusion of being a contemporary cuff with the hidden security of the post.

Diamond Smoulder Ear Hangers Earrings Bibi van der Velden

Curving delicately around the edge of the ear, the Diamond Smoulder Ear Hangers conjure the ephemeral beauty of sinuous lines of smoke. Designed in 18K white gold, these finely crafted earrings are embellished with grey and white diamonds in contrasting cuts, to evoke smoke's brooding tones. Attached to the lobe with a piercing, the ear cuffs are positioned so they curve around the ear's edge. Inspired, Bibi says, by the almost‚ uncapturable organic shape of smoke, these ear hangers have an elegant fluidity that's all their own.


/spɑːk/ noun a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire.

A flash, a smoke surprise, curling around your ear. Can be worn up or down. Where does it come from? Who knows. The mystery of Smoke.


Spark Ear Huggers



verb catch fire or cause to catch fire.

An intricate, delicate winding line of smoke. Embracing every curvature of your ear. A seamless closure alludes to the smoke disappearing behind your ear. Futuristic, the finest, most refined line of Smoke.