Sea Creatures

Inspired by the intricacies of Bosch’s art, and hidden secrets found in antique jewellery, movement and surprise swam through this collection. The tail of the Mermaid Tail Bangle, twisting to open and close, evokes a moving fin in the water, while the scales also change direction, lending a tactile appeal.

Discover mythical mermaids, the Greek God Poseidon, shipwrecks and stowaways. Rock crystal earrings are carved in tactile shell-like shapes in this magical fantasy of fine jewellery, fashioned in 18k white and rose gold, sterling silver, diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Mermaid Tail Bangle

Inspired by Bosch the BIBI VAN DER VELDEN Sea Creatures collection explores the legends of the ocean.

Mermaid Pearl Earring