The Wandering Collection

One-of-a kind earrings

As long as I can remember I have been a collector of special objects, unique gemstones and rare coloured and shaped pearls, all souvenirs of my wanderings around the world over the last 20 years. They have been the spark of inspiration for my collections and have grown my love of combining different and unusual materials.

To give them their own moment in the spotlight I have designed a small collection of one-of-a-kind earrings. They each tell a story of the meaning and origins of their parts.

The Starry Night

"I sourced these Fluorite stones while travelling in Burma, they perfectly reflect how mesmerising the clear night skies were. For me these earrings represent dreams and creativity."

The Starry Night

jellyfish fireball

“Jellyfish and opalised wood both have evolved over millions of years under the sun’s golden light. These fireball pearls symbolize wisdom and longevity, a good reminder that great things take time.”

Jellyfish Fireball

Hanging from the clouds

"A summer in Brazil, deep in the jungle surfing secret waves formed the inspiration for this unique pair. Loaded with symbolism, such as the crossed arrows which symbolise the connections I have made."

Hanging from the Clouds

Alligator Hatchling Earrings

"As the baby alligators emerge from their mammoth eggs, they serve as a metaphor for the profound cycle of life. These ancient creatures, steeped in symbolism, embody resilience and adaptation in the face of ever-changing epochs. They're a reminder that time's constant flow holds the power for change and growth, like the beautiful dance of evolution and life."

Alligator Hatchling Earrings

Midas Touch Earrings

"My deep affection for both my fearless alligators and the art of sculpting mammoth ivory lies in their shared significance in Earth's history. Meticulously crafting with mammoth ivory reveals that the devil is in the details, showcasing a profound commitment to sustainable materials—a harmonious connection between the past and present, where each intricate carving breathes life into a timeless tale."

Midas Touch Earrings

As this collection is deeply personal to me, I've created only 7 One-of-a-Kind earrings.

Each one carries its own unique story, and once it finds a new home, it won't be recreated.

Alligators in opal waters

"My fearless alligators can thrive on land and water - much like me, either catching waves or hiking up my mountain at home in Portugal. These earrings remind me to look for beauty in every change life brings.”


Tears of the gods

"My love for deep and rich coloured opals shines through in these earrings. Our family travels through Australia allowed me to source and collect the most special stones."