The Sunday Times: Inside Bibi van der Velden's Home

Last month, The Sunday Times joined us in Portugal, where we've been living for the past two years. I opened up about the turbulent journey that got us there, from moving our family from the hustle and bustle of city life, to scoping out and restoring the house of our dreams. It was a pleasure to have Jessica Diamond (Watch & Jewellery Director, Sunday Times Style) and Danny Lowe (Photographer) over for a day of fun in the sun. 

Among the many items hanging on the wall are my father's dancing shoes and pictures by my son Balthazar.


Since the original house had been untouched for years, many things had to be reconfigured. One of them is the swimming pool.

the swimming-pool-of-bibi-van-der-velden

Surrounded by nature, this is my favourite corner to channel inspiration and work on projects. It is also a perfect place to practice yoga.


I love gardening. We restored an orange orchard, planted fig and apricot trees, and added a vegetable patch where we grow aubergines, artichokes and courgettes. Growing my own vegetables feels enriching. 



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