the new vertebrae collection

Introducing the newest addition to our acclaimed line: the Alligator Vertebrae Collection. Drawing inspiration from the grace and strength of alligators, Bibi has crafted a collection that embodies their fluid movement and skeletal elegance.

Crafted in sustainable 18k gold, our collection boasts striking bite earrings, versatile transformative rings, dynamic dancing necklaces, and fluid moving bracelets.

Mini Mermaid Tail Stud Earrings Bibi van der VeldenMini Mermaid Tail Stud Earrings Bibi van der Velden

Mini Mermaid Tail Stud

€1.140,00 EUR
Alligator Wrap BraceletAlligator Wrap Bracelet

Alligator Wrap Bracelet

Price Available on Request
From €36.750,00 EUR
Lion Stackable Ring Rings Bibi van der VeldenLion Stackable Ring

Lion Stackable Ring

€3.240,00 EUR
Alligator Ear ClimberAlligator Ear Climber

Alligator Ear Climber

€2.080,00 EUR
Scarab Bunch EarringScarab Bunch Earring Earrings Bibi van der Velden

Scarab Bunch Earring

€7.870,00 EUR
Alligator Pinky RingAlligator Pinky Ring

Alligator Pinky Ring

€4.170,00 EUR

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